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    I just wanted to say thanks and to tell a little story.

    First, thanks to Mike and Danny (dawg_cacher and Gyrocacher) for hosting a socializer this past Thursday (The Socializer at Buffalo Wild Wings GC5ARB3). I was able to get one of my 7 SOA because of it. You guys always do a lot for this area with hides and get-togethers and just being friendly and helpful. I’m sorry that Danny was not able to make it to his own meet and eat. :)
    It was not a very large group, but it was an interesting one. And this is where my little story comes in….
    We had a couple from Chicago, IL that came to our great state of MS just to come to Buffalo Wild Wings to eat with our little group. They had heard such great things about the cachers in North Ms-sippi (you know we don’t pronounce the entire word) that the few hours they had to drive was worth it …. OK … that really is a story.
    BUT there was a couple from Chicago that DID come and it was really interesting to meet them. They were on vacation and were driving through MS to do the MS Blues Trails. (I live here and I haven’t done it.) But they were planning on doing the entire thing. They had been over in the Delta and stayed in a share-croppers shack, which I thought was interesting. They said they have had some of the best food ever and that we sure believed in eating down here. Their handle is Jakesdiner. They have found over 5,000 caches in 46 states. We also had two new cachers who come from Hamilton, AL. Parkermegand97 and anottonson, who have found 49 caches.

    I guess my whole point to all that is …. It is just interesting who you meet and how friendly you can be with a group of people you don’t know who just have one thing in common …. Geocaching.
    It is like that Dr. Seuss book “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”

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