”MSGA’s goal is to serve as a forum for communication between Mississippi geocachers, the general public, and land management officials, in a cooperative effort to promote the sport of geocaching, an appreciation of the outdoors, and good stewardship of the land and environment.”


With the rapidly growing popularity of geocaching, and the ever tightening restrictions being placed on our public lands nationwide, we recognize that the establishment of a cooperative relationship with our local and state park managers will be beneficial to the long term survival of our hobby. In order to facilitate such an endeavor, we feel that it is necessary to establish a means of communication and discussion, both among fellow geocachers, as well as with land management officials. That’s where MSGA comes in.


Let’s start with what we are NOT. We are not an official governing body. We are not rule makers or enforcers. We are not the geocaching gurus of Mississippi. We ARE a group of fun-loving, outdoor-minded people who like to geocache and want to help others do the same.

The primary purpose of MSGA is to act as a forum for discussion and communication about geocaching in the state of Mississippi. We want to share our interest in using modern technology (GPS and the internet) to encourage and foster an appreciation of the outdoors, and to promote good stewardship of the land and environment that we all enjoy.


First, as a forum for communication and interaction, we welcome your input and involvement. If you have questions you’d like answered, events you’d like advertised, or ideas or information you’d like to share, please feel free to contact us. While we are excited about planning and participating in occasional state-wide events, we realize that Mississippi Geocachers are spread across a wide enough area to make it difficult to plan activities which are convenient for everyone to participate in. For this reason, we encourage local groups and individuals to plan and organize events in their own areas, and we will be happy to help in whatever way possible.

Also, in order to maintain the confidence of land management authorities, and to alleviate any myths or concerns about our activity, it is important to understand and agree upon a few basic concepts and guidelines for geocaching in Mississippi. The following links provide recommendations for hiding and seeking caches.

Geocaching is an activity that has an appeal for a diverse group of participants?individuals and families, young and old, athletic and physically challenged, technological buffs and nature lovers?people from all walks of life. The activity can be done almost anywhere in the world, and requires a relatively small initial investment. The goal of MSGA is to ensure that we will all be able to continue to enjoy this activity in our state for many years to come.