The 411 on Lab Caches

February 6, 2014 in News by SniperChicken

Some facts about the February release of Lab Caches-

Only premium members can create one.  You have a limit of ONE per premium membership.

Access link to get started on created your own lab cache .


Lab cache test

Just fill out the cords section as such ” N33 22.111 W 088 32.555″ .It will automatically register the degrees symbol.

Once completed you will be provided a custom URL link specified to that Lab cache.

You can share that link with as many cachers as you want but it can ONLY be logged once by whoever correctly enters the provided codeword into the Lab Cache page. The intention was for you to send that link to one specific person. Upon completion of the Lab Cache the “finder” will have 1 cache find added to his/her total find count and they will receive a new find icon for a “Lab Cache”. Once these Lab Caches have been logged once they are automatically archived.Lab Caches3The finder has the ability to delete this Lab Cache if they choose and that find will be deducted from his total cache find count.Lab Cache 2These Feb. Lab Caches are NOT GPS based; unlike a Wherigo or Intercache you do not have to be at the listed coords for the input of the codeword to be accepted.

This type of Lab Cache is only available during the month of February.

Cache proximity rules do not imply to a lab cache.

These Lab Caches do NOT show up in your “geocache types owned” even if you create one.