Travel Caching

October 9, 2013 in Tips and Tricks by Sterling McCool

With a state 170 miles wide, and 340 miles long, you’ve got a lot of ground to cover to complete your GC3TQA0 Mississippi Blues Trail Geocaching ChallengeGC144DK Mississippi County Challenge, and GCTA92 Mississippi DeLorme Challenge. Thankfully, there are some strategies to help make your cache runs successful and fun.

Travel Caching

Cache Along a Route

Have an upcoming trip? Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses… er, find the caches along the way! After logging in to your account at, go to the “Your Profile” menu, and choose “Pocket Queries.” Then choose the link that says “Find Caches Along a Route” and then “Create New Route.” After giving your trip a name, click “Create Route” and then enter your starting and ending destinations. When your route is dialed in, click “Save Route Changes.”

On the next page, you can add a description and keywords to your route, which are especially helpful if you intend to share the route with the geocaching community. If not, be sure to leave “Include in Public Directory” unchecked. Now, let’s “Create Pocket Query of Route.”

In setting up your pocket query, there are some points to keep in mind to make your travel caching experience a success. First, you will probably want to limit the search radius so that you don’t stray too far off the beaten path. Depending on your schedule, you may also wish to limit the cache types included in your search to the Traditional types, which are generally easier than Multi-caches and Unknown types.

The magic of your travel caching query happens under “Filter Options.” Make sure to check “Is Enabled,” for caches “I haven’t found”  and that were “Found in the last 7 days.” This will give you some good “drive-by” candidates to grab on your way from here to there. Go ahead and save your new pocket query.

One great thing about pocket queries, is that you can see yours on the map. Load the map, then click the “Pocket Queries” tab. Your new route should be listed. From the map you can select the caches you’d like to try before you set out.

Destination Caching

Find yourself in a new city with some time to spare? Never fear, there’s an app for that! Smartphones have become ubiquitous: as long as you have a data signal, your next cache is simply a matter of which tool to use.

The Official Geocaching App: Android, IOS, Windows Phone

c:geo: Android


The Geocaching Swiss Army Knife is a comprehensive tool you can use to manage your cache lists. There are macros (short programs that automate tasks) to help you find the most efficient route from cache to cache, for example. We’ll have more GSAK tips on the blog from the community in the upcoming months.

There’s caches a-waiting – so pack your day trip bag, and get out there!