Cache Publication Issues

November 1, 2013 in Tips and Tricks by SniperChicken


At times a cache submitted for review/publication will be turned down by a geocache reviewer. I’m sure it can be frustrating for a cache owner to have to redo a cache page before it is published; at the same time Reviewers only have a limited amount of time to devote to publishing caches in their review que. The time spent on a cache submission with issues may keep the reviewer from being able to get to other cache submittals that have no issues but will have to wait until the next round before they get published due to time constraints.


To help possibly make life easier for both the cache owner trying to get a new cache open and for the Reviewers who donate their time to this hobby  I decided to research this by contacting numerous Groundspeak geocache reviewers to see what some of the most common issues were that caused issues with new cache submissions.


I will go more indepth into these issues in future posts but here are the top common issues with cache submittals :

1) Geocache proximity- Every single reviewer I polled listed this as the #1 reason a cache doesn’t get published. This means that the coordinates listed for your cache is less than 528 feet from another cache OR a stage of a multi-cache.

2) Encroachmant of Private property or businesses; along with this I will include being too close to active railroad tracks ,Federal/Government property of any kind, and schools. All those are unapproved areas for hiding a geocache.                         

3) Implied commercial content

4) Caches that may seem to have a “cause” or agenda

5) Insufficient permission(s) or proof of

6) Caches hidden too far from home coordinates  / aka “vacation caches”


There are numerous other issues that may cause a cache to get rejected at first but those are the top “offenders”. Look for more detailed info to come on how to prepare a well planned cache cache submittal.

Thanks to mtn-man,Banjo-Boy,Yoknapatawpha,The Seanachai,The Scarlett Reviewer,Chuck Walla,MayDay,Doctor Teeth,and any others who took the time to contribute to this research.

                             “I’m here to help you get your cache published,

                          not to find reasons to keep you from hiding caches.”