The 10 Years of Geocaching -Wall of Fame

September 13, 2013 in Presentations/Recognitions by SniperChicken

Here we will give recognition to those Mississippi geocachers who found

their first cache 10 years ago (or longer) and are still caching to this day.

In no particular order:

barry  Hooligan- Barry was involved with MSGA almost from its inception way back in the days of Southdeltan and Deltadawg.

bc  bluecanary- Renowned for his Swamp caches and Swamp Tours, Richard enjoys hiding caches as much as he enjoys hunting them. Has been known to snicker at you while he watches you look for a cache :)


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA drat19- a mainstay in the history of MS geocaching. Doesn’t care about numbers but still enjoys challenges such as seeing how many states he can log caches in.

leatherneck  Leatherneck- you all know the name. He still caches occasionally and has left behind some grand cache hides.

pater  Pater47- another mainstay in MS geocaching. His wit will keep you cracked up. Pater Chips are legendary.


push  Pushmataha aka “PUSH”- Reigning mafiosa and caching extraordinaire. His legend is known far and wide.


ADS1 -Terry Kiser – One of the first cachers I ever met on the trail to a cache. Served the MS. geocaching community as MSGA Board president for many years and considered the “Godfather” of the original Starkville Mafia. 



 deltadawg – Andrew Erikson  along with southdeltan was credited with the first organizational outlet for MS geocachers. The spark that started the Mississippi Geocacher’s Association (MSGA). Solely responsible for introducing geocaching to much of north MS.


S/W Ver: 9E.03.3AR steenroller-   just celebrated his

                                  2000th cache mark !  Congrats to Gary Steen

wray  wray- been actively caching on and off ever since the very first Fall Picnic.


ronbo  Ronbo- Quite the character, originator of the “ronboing” technique and great contributor to MS geocaching .


bit bitbrain – Honorary MS. cacher.  Now living slightly out of state but still contributing to geocaching in a big way as well as still hiding some fine and challenging caches.

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  billyb- CO of Pocahontas and Grand Gulf; 2 active 2002 caches. Still enjoys finding a few caches every now and then.


short circuit 2 short circuit 2- Honorary MS cacher, lived in Jackson for a few years but still caches and attends many MS events.

SAMSUNG Autodoc246- Steven Blackwell, approaching his 11th year of geocaching.


roadway57 Roadway57- Congrats to Roadway ; he just hit the 10 year mark ! You will still find him attending events and participating in geocache promotions.


lefty2  leftygator- also just hitting the 10 year mark.

You can’t cache in Mississippi and not have heard of this guy.

This guy has racked up OVER 1 MILLION geocaching miles ! Wow.

Congrats lefty !


Congrats to all these cachers for their longevity in the sport and for all their contributions !

If somehow I missed recognizing anyone I apologize. This is for 10 year cache veterans who are still actively caching. I will gladly add anyone who I missed in my research. Please contact me (SniperChicken) and I will add their info to this.