Project Tomb Raider

November 5, 2013 in News by SniperChicken



The Tomb Raider/ project was envisioned to have come out similar in scope to the Project Ape project that was launched to commemorate the debut of the Planet of the Apes movie; however things never made it to complete maturity and at the last moment the project ultimately was abandoned.




However, some things that were already in late stages of development were left in place; at least on the Eidos/Square Enix (Video game companies) side of the deal. The game ;originally intented to be released in late 2012 was pushed back to March of 2013. I finally got my hands on the game and to my surprise discovered a good deal of geocaching related  content.

tomb raider gps cache1                                               In the game they are called “GPS caches” .

                                            Each region has a different set of geocaches.

Tomb raider4

    The beloved AMMO CAN makes many appearances;however not as a geocache :(

tomb raider3

                     Most of the GPS Caches in Tomb Raider are very difficult to locate and reach.

                     An “Orienteering” skill will help you locate the coordinates of hidden caches

                                     To reach this one several rock faces had to be scaled

tomb raider 2Here you have to carefully walk this beam overlooking a killer gorge to reach your next objective.


A sequel to this series is scheduled for release in 2014 .