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2014 MSGA Hiking Stick Challenge (with Hiking Stick)

Now that Spring is in the air (or at least should be in the air!), it’s time to hit the trails again and load up on some Geocaching smileys!  To help motivate you guys to get back out there and enjoy Mississippi’s natural beauty, the Mississippi Geocachers Association (MSGA) is proud to present the 2014 MSGA Hiking Stick Challenge!

Over the next several weeks, MSGA Board members will be releasing limited edition TRACKABLE hiking sticks into the wilds of the Mississippi wilderness.  There are 14 hiking sticks in all!  These hiking sticks will be deployed at random all across the state, with varying difficulty/terrain ratings (though none will be park and grab LPC type hides!).

So, how do you get your hands on one???  I’m glad you asked.  Simply stay tuned to the MSGA website forums, where the coordinates to each hiking stick will be posted (at random).  You must be a registered member of the MSGA website to participate.

There will also be “teasers” posted via social networking on both the Mississippi Geocachers and Hub City Cachers Facebook pages, so that the publication of each stick doesn’t go completely unnoticed.  And if you Subscribe to the Hiking Stick Challenge private forum, you’ll be the first to see when they publish!

Special thanks to Lacey Bishop (lacey38655) for not only developing the idea of the 2014 MSGA Hiking Stick Challenge, but for hand-crafting each hiking stick.  What a fun way to kick off the 2014 Geocaching year!  Now, get out there and find your limited edition trackable hiking stick!


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